GP Stacks

Providing excellent service to Runescape gold buyers, sellers, and account renters.

Why GP Stacks? 

As a trusted member of the Sythe community for over 8 years, we live up to our reputation of being honest and reliable. When you buy gold, sell gold, or rent an account with us, you can rest assured our services will be safe and efficient. We strive to provide our customers with the very best customer service.

Why rent an account?

Maybe you quit years ago and want to relive your old Runescape memories without all the grinding. Perhaps you still play Runescape occasionally but don’t have a maxed account. Or, you may just have the urge to get into the duel arena and test out your luck. With our services, you’ll instantly be able to stake on a maxed main with zero hassle.

How does renting an account work?

Just initiate a live chat with one of our representatives to get started. We will let you know where to meet in-game to collect the rental fee, and then provide you with the login credentials. Once we provide you with the login credentials and confirm you’ve safely logged in, your time will begin.

What Payment Methods do you accept?

Our current payment method selection is limited. We will always accept OSRS GP and Bitcoin, but please reach out via Live Chat to inquire about other payment methods.