Rent Account

Rent Maxed Mains to get your staking fix.

Pricing in OSRS GP:

30 minutes = 5m
1 hour = 10m
2 hours = 15m
3+ hours = 7m/hour

I have read and agree to the Terms of service outlined below?

Terms of Service:

  • Do not share account information.
  • Keep the private chat on, and stay in world 302 duel arena.
  • Follow all Runescape rules.
  • No livestreaming or commission staking.
  • Do not remove or destroy any items from the account.
  • Do not change the display name, or any other account information.
  • You are responsible to make sure the tentacle whip has adequate charges before staking. We will not be responsible for any losses if the whip breaks.
  • In the rare case the account gets banned while staking, we are not responsible for items or gold lost.
  • You are only allowed to trade your own account. If you’re going to RWT, do it on your own account first.
  • You will only be given 10 minutes after your time is up to transfer any items/ gold to your account.
  • No refunds if your staking session ends early.

    Breaking any of the Terms of Service will result in immediate termination of your access to the account, with no refunds.